Since 2010 Atche Medical has been involved in a number of ventures, including establishing two innovative Medical Simulation companies: SimuTec and Instituto SimuTec.

Our experience in Brazil has taught us that it is necessary to approach the Brazilian market with patience, seriousness, determination and the necessary resources to access such a large and important market. We can help you overcome the cultural and language barriers, the regulation and the bureaucracy, and the frustration of long timelines and delays.

Together with our partners and associates in Brazil we assist companies in the Medical Devices industry enter the Brazilian market successfully .

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Atche Medical provides project-specific as well as corporate level and strategic services.

Our team works one-on-one with the Senior Executive Team – CEO, Business Development or Marketing and Sales Managers in a mentorship capacity. We help maneuver the challenges of setting up a new company or expanding into new markets based on actual field experience combined with out-of-the box thinking.

We have worked with small startups as well as midsize companies in Europe, North America and Latin America. Our work has focused on product market development as well as introducing and expanding new and existing products locally and into other continents.

Atche Medical offers practical tailored solutions based on proven personal
experience. Our structure allows us to deliver proven strategies and tactics within a cost-effective and prompt framework.

More information on our full range of Services