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Expand your markets internationally

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Introduce your products to other continents

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Bring a product from prototype stage to market launch

  • Medical Device Market Gate-Openers

    Atche Medical offers practical tailored solutions based on proven personal experience. Our structure allows us to deliver proven strategies and tactics within a cost effective and prompt framework.

    Whether you are expanding into new markets, deciding on your next geographical sales distribution channels, or preparing your reimbursement strategy and Investor Presentations – Atche Medical’s team can help you.

    The European medical devices market is the second largest in the world preceded by the U.S and followed by Japan. With estimated worldwide sales of more than $300 billion in 2011 and a 6% compound annual growth rate expected over the next few years – it is a very lucrative and intensely competitive industry.

    Growth constraints in the traditional markets are driving global presence and expansion into the emerging markets to guarantee a company’s survival.